Find your LED lighting

Alon with the need for energy saving in modern civilization. Given the energy saving, environmental protection and longevity of LED products, our lighting plan is not just about replacing similar products. We focus on the properties of light, look for lighting designs that are best suited for each space, develop whatever is most desired by customers, and promote lighting schemes that meet customer needs.

Why choose our LED lights?

Our LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are in accordance with good LED standards. We have various LED lamp variants according to their functions and types. SNI standardized which has been trought trusted laboratory testing.

LED lights (Light Emitting Diode) make electricity consumption will be more efficient up to 80%, more durable (Durability) up to 25 years, environmentally friendly, and attractive design.

Along with the development of technology and innovation in lighting and lighting in the world, we are currently introducing LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps to be able to replace conventional lamps where LEDs are more efficient in consuming electricity and brighter than ordinary lamps.

The fact of the advantages of our LED lights

It is proven that the average LED’s durability reaches 50,000 / h, while the economical power consumption is only 80%, and the lumens of lighting are more than or equal to 100%