ALCURE C Series & D Series

The air-purifier which has UVA + photocatalytic-filter disassemble viruses and bacteria

Remove pollutants in 5 steps of HEPA filter, carbon filter, UV-A + hotocatalyst filter, and ionizer Copy

Largest class purification


Launched ALCURE, the world’s first air purifier for large spaces equipped with an “envelope virus” removal function

Duel Associates Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, TEL: 06-6464-7890 President: Masayasu Tsunazawa) is the world’s first large-space air purifier equipped with the world’s first UV-A / photocatalytic hybrid filter. Succeeded in development. It will be on sale from November 2020.

Nara Medical University and MBT Consortium * First confirmed in the world that “a type of envelope virus” can be removed in a short time by UV-A (joint research) * Please refer to the following URL for details of “a type of envelope virus” .

A general incorporated association that works with Nara Medical University to carry out MBT (Medicine-Based Town) activities that introduce medical knowledge to all industries.

We have succeeded in developing a new concept ultraviolet / photocatalytic hybrid filter that uses ultraviolet UV-A as the irradiation light, and realized an air purifier for a large space of 200 m2 or more.
With this machine, it is possible to purify the indoor air, which is close to the so-called “ventilation” that opens the windows.

  1. Concept of photocatalytic filter by UV-A irradiation
    The sterilization performance of the photocatalyst filter under large air volume has been greatly improved in order to realize air purification in a large space. Titanium dioxide fine particle aggregates are molded into a spherical surface with a diameter of about 3 mm *, and a plurality of these are arranged on a honeycomb structure support to increase the surface area and effectively generate turbulence in the air flow inside the filter. It is designed so that viruses etc. adhere to the surface of the catalyst sphere. Viruses and the like adhering to the surface of the catalyst sphere are removed in a short time by irradiation with ultraviolet UV-A having a wavelength of 385 nm. In particular, it has been confirmed that “a type of enveloped virus” is removed by the Department of Microbial Infectious Diseases, Nara Medical University School of Medicine (Professor: Juichi Yano) and the MBT Consortium.

UV / photocatalytic hybrid filter

Fig. 1 Transition of virus removal by UV-A irradiation.
In Fig. 2, it can be seen that the virus is effectively removed on the surface of the photocatalyst. Subsequently, on the surface of the sphere, viruses and the like directly removed by UV-A irradiation are decomposed into water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2 by the original photocatalytic reaction and released into the air.

Since the catalyst sphere does not contain an organic binder component, deterioration due to ultraviolet rays can be prevented and long-term reliability is ensured.

Fig. 3 ALCURE filter configuration

2. Powerful filter configuration of air purifier ALUCURE

ALCURE consists of four types of filters and ion cluster modules (Fig. 3). The first stage pre-filter removes dust and fibers. The second stage carbon filter removes chemicals.The third stage HEPA filter removes fine particles such as pollen and PM2.5. Our original photocatalytic filter in the 4th stage first removes the virus directly by UV-A, and then decomposes the virus and organic substances removed on the surface of the catalyst sphere into water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2. It removes viruses that have passed through the 4th stage due to ions generated from the 5th stage ion cluster module, and viruses floating in the purifier or indoor space.

With such a powerful filter design, it has become possible to purify a large amount of air in a short time. By combining this filter group with a twin fan with low power consumption and high quietness and an air jet nozzle, it is possible to blow a large amount of air into a large space of 200 m2 or more, so-called “ventilation” that opens the window. Achieves cleaning performance close to.
(Patent pending)

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News From Nara Medical University for more information please download the file below :

Dream Energy, Photocatalyst Titanium UV LED Air Purifier

Eco-friendly UV LED module

Odor/ Pollutant Removal

4-step filtering system

99.9% removal of bacteria and viruses

No Ozone

Low noise BLDC motor design

Photocatalyst Technology (PCO Technology)

Mechanism of Photocatalyst




Illuminate the UV rays to Photocatalyst

Electronics (e-), hole (h+) create

Electronics and hole react with oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) in the atmosphere




Form anions (O2-) and Hydroxy radical (-OH) production

Contact Various harmful substances and then cause complete decomposition

Harmless to human body (H2O) and converted to carbon dioxide (CO2)

When photosynthetic light is received, chlorophyll (chlorophyll) is catalyzed to generate oxygen to purify the forest. Likewise, photocatalysts cause oxidation and reduction reactions of ultraviolet rays of the sun and fluorescent lamps as energy sources. The photocatalyst also decomposes harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria into harmless water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). It also eliminates odors at the same time.

ALCURE UV LED with photocatalytic Titanium Pro UV LED mounted on the air cleaner filter is completely decompose harmful substances, malodorous substances and other pathogenic bacteria than the principle of adsorption of contaminants, such as activated carbon filters used in conventional air cleaners. In addition, since only the substance that touches the surface of the photocatalyst titanium dioxide particle is decomposed, powerful decomposition is possible without affecting the human body like ozone. And the particle shape of the photocatalyst ball has fine pores, and it has excellent effect of catching bacteria in the air.

ALCURE UV LED air purifier with high durability, excellent deodorization and sterilization effect, has much higher air cleaning effect than conventional air filter of collective type.

Covering a large space perfectly

240sqm to Maximum 1121sqm

Dream Titanium Pro UV LED Filter Effects

Remove fine dust, particulates, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs

Titanium Pro UV Filter


Without using a binder, the catalyst Titanium bead particles are uniform in size.

Filter with large air contact area

The photocatalytic filter has a large surface area because of fine pores in the ball.

UV LED light Source

On Photocatalytic Dioxide, high efficiency UV LED light source is applied.

UV Filter Effects

Fine Dust and Particulate Removal

Bacteria, Virus 99.995% Removal

VOCs (Formaldehyde removal)

No Ozone

Deodorization(smell of smoking etc.)

Covering a large space perfectly

The Perfect Air “ALCURE”

Using eco-friendly Photocatalyst beads filter

Result of 15 years of research / Supported by Ministry of the Future Creation Science

Photocatalytic ball filter developed by several National Universities (Honda Fujishima effect application technology)

Removal of air pollutants by light and titanium dioxide

99.99% Removes odor and harmful gas by decomposition

99.99% Bactericidal effect for decomposing pathogenic bacteria (quick disinfection using UV LED)

Secondary product zero due to air pollutant removal

Four-steps filtering system for perfect Air Purification

step 1 (Prefilter)

step 2 (Carbon filter: fine dust, odor and bacteria removal)

Step 3 (PM2.5 HEPA filter: fine dust removal)

Step 4 (UV LED Photocatalytic filter: residual odor and bacteria decomposition removal)

Semi-permanent Photocatalytic filter

Reuse of photocatalytic filter by quarterly cleaning with self-cleaning effect of photocatalytic filter

Verified various tests through strict testing

99.9% VOC removal and 30% removal of radioactivity in air

4Steps – Filtering System

Restrictions of Photocatalyst, HEPA & Carbon filters

Step 1


Hair, fiber, dust and etc. Large particles of pollutants Capture.

Step 2

Carbon Filter

With powerful suction power Odor and harmful gas are purified first. with activated carbon Safe purification of odor / organic compounds (VOCs) / Tobacco smoke / chemicals.

Step 3

HEPA Filter

Perfect collection force that does not miss even the ultrafine dust. The HEPA 13 grade purifies up to 99.99% of a 0.3 micron ultra- tenant, such as fine dust / mite mold.

Step 4

Titanium Pro UV

Titanium ball UV LED technology purifies gas secondly. harmful Photocatalyst Titanium Pro UV LED filter system is a clean system that decomposes materials (viruses, bacteria, fungus spores, etc.) that cause rhinitis, dermatitis, allergy, conjunctivitis and respiratory diseases and reduces them to water and carbon dioxide.

Step 4

Ion Cluster Module

Removes viruses, pollen and bacteria from the air

Photocatalyst Air Purifier Sterilization Performance

99.99% Sterilization of bacteria, viruses / Influenza viruses

– Evaluation agency: Japan Medical and Environmental Research Center of Kitasato Institute

Inlet & Outlet Comparison of concentration

Test Result (After 30 minutes)

Why chosen the ALCURE?

Comparison of Air clean filter systems


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